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Style #101 Chrildrens Chiffon Fluffy Petticoat

  • $ 2999

This is a childrens chiffon ruffle petti-skirt. What a cute ball of fluffy-ness your child will be wearing this petticoat. So many colors to choose from, solid or two-tone. There are 2 layers of chiffon ruffles with more ruching for added fullness on the bottom tier. There is an under lining straight slip for modesty. The waistband, made of tricot fabric, measuring 5" down,  has encased elastic; adjustable to be smaller in the waist if needed by using the button-holes in the elastic. Hand wash cold, line dry. Please allow 4-6 weeks when ordering. There are no returns on these costume petticoats.

Brand Name: Kacakid

Material: Tricot top, chiffon ruffle, Handwash cold, line dry & no bleach

Length: 13"
Waist size: Rests at 20" stretches to 38"

Fullness: 13 yards

Best for: Childrens Chiffon Fluffy Petticoat Tutu Princess Party Skirts  Ballet Dancewear Girl Petticoat Skirt


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