How To Wear A Petticoat?

How to Wear A Petticoat?

Surprisingly, many people are still unsure of what a petticoat is. Underskirt, tulle or crinoline, a petticoat is a lightweight super fluffy skirt that is used to create certain shapes by layering it under dresses or skirts.  The word “petticoat” came from pety coote that means “a small coat”. (1)

The petticoat is not a new concept in women’s fashion; They dated as far back as the 18th century when petticoats were worn by women under their ball gowns. Petticoats’ popularity fizzled out until Christian Dior revived the petticoat in his 1947 full-skirted “new look” fashion. (1)

The most popular petticoat shapes are bell shapes, square, and A-line petticoats. Bell-shaped petticoats create a bell shape. A-line shaped petticoat builds the volume in the dress's bottom to form the A-shape. While square-shaped petticoats give volume to the skirt and are used under a swing skirt or swing dress for vintage and retro outfits. Square shaped petticoats are often used for square dancing. (1)

Read,How to pick the perfect petticoat, to learn how to pick the perfect fit for you. 

Ways To Wear Your Petticoat

1. Complete your 50s rockabilly look with a classic petticoat

To achieve that classic 50s look, wear your petticoat with a rockabilly dress or skirt for added volume. 

If you're looking for new outfit inspiration, turning to the past is a great option. There are so many exciting styles and timeless looks that are waiting to be re-worn. Today, many 1950s looks are once again in fashion making now the perfect time to give your style a retro twist and infuse in your wardrobe that cool rockabilly touch or a sexy pin-up style. (2)

      Get The Look 1:

      Show your rockabilly fashion with this blue floral rockabilly dress and soft poly-liner hot pink petticoat

      Get The Look 2:

      Add life and color to you vintage look with this red crystal petticoat that sparkles and shimmers. 

      How to wear 50’s Fashion

      • Find your fifties style, be it rockabilly, pin-up, greaser or swing. (2)
      • Aim for an hourglass silhouette with poodle skirts or fit-and-flare.
      • Wear a petticoat for added volume and fullness to your skirt.
      • Add accessories like gloves, silk scarves, or pearl jewelry.
      • Make your look modern by blending key pieces and styles from the 50s into your modern wardrobe.
      • Keep your ’50s look modern by blending key pieces and styles from the decade into your contemporary wardrobe. (2)

      2. Wear petticoat as a skirt

      In today’s fashion, petticoats have moved from underskirt into the realm of fully-fledged skirts on their own. This style can be bubbly and romantic as a classic tulle skirt. 

      You will love this unique Moonlight LED Petticoat with LED lights. Top it with a classic top and you’re in for a sophisticated look. This best for evening wear as the LED light will give your outfit a dreamy romantic touch.

      Get The Look:


      3. Petticoat for Square Dancing

      Petticoats have always been an essential part of square dancing and will continue to be as long as square dancing continues to thrive. When choosing a new petticoat to wear in square dancing, be creative and fun by choosing petticoats with a wild bright color to really show off your petticoat. A shimmering red crystal petticoat could be worn with many prints. Petticoats are for fun! Wind up your fun and wild side by getting the brightest color that you love.

      Here are some ideas to make your square dancing outfit fun. Match up your Floral Cosmos Square Dance Outfit with Shiny Metallic Petticoat for a fabulous outfit that is surely a standout on the dance floor. The gorgeous metallic fabric petticoat will be a perfect accent to your floral dress. 

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      How to Care for Your Petticoats

      Over time, your petticoat will lose some of its volume as the clothing material will deflate and lose its shape under the weight of the dress. The life of your petticoat will depend on how often you wear it, what it is made of, and how frequently you wash it. However, here are some tricks to keep your petticoat at its fullest.

      1. Hang in Inside Out! 

      Toss your petticoat inside-out and hang it on a hanger. Follow the concept of hair as an example. When you are used to parting your hair in a particular parting every day, your hair will be flat, but if you change, it’s parting it will create a mass of volume.

      2.Use Fabric Bags

       Petticoats should be rolled up and stored in a fabric bag. Rolling your petticoat will allow it to remain smooth without any weight pulling down. Fabric bags also will allow the fabric to breath and placing a bag of scented salts inside the bag also help keep it fresh and draw out any moisture anytime. (4)

      Note: To roll your petticoat, lay it on the table or hold the waistband with your chin and fold the two sides into the middle so it is folded into thirds. Press the air out and roll it up like a sleeping bag from the hem up, towards the waistband. Use the waistband to fold back over the skirt and tuck it in or place in the bag. (4)

      3. Don’t Wash it Often.

      Don’t wash your petticoat unless you need to and wash only the part of the petticoat that gets dirty by hand to keep the rest of your petticoat dry. Be gentle when you wash your petticoat and check what is the material of your petticoat before washing as some petticoats need to be wash gently by hand as some petticoats can’t withstand the wash cycles in a machine on low heat. 

      Whether you're new to retro fashions or want to add a little flair to your outfit. Experiment with styles and you’ll see that wearing petticoat is a lot of fun.If you have questions about wearing our petticoats or you want an idea of what color to buy, then get in touch with us!