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Just like other forms of dance, square dancing offers a lot of physical, mental, and health benefits, but what separates square dancing is that it is a very inclusive and community-oriented dance. The basic movements of square dancing are also simple enough to learn on the spot that anyone can join into at the right moment, regardless of age, gender, or shape. 

If you want to improve your square dance moves and dance like a pro, here are nine tips to get you there. They can help you shine on the dance floor no matter what your level of experience is.


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What is Square Dance? Square dance is a traditional dance that has been part of American social life for centuries. It is documented to have originated in England in the late 16th century. Although originating in England, square dance was also very popular in France and other European countries like Italy and Germany.
Square dancing has been apart of American social life for centuries. This American folk-dance is the product of traditional dances that have gone through many changes over the years. However, the main form of square dance has not changed and is still enjoyed by millions of dancers today.
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Studies have proven that if you remain active throughout your senior years, and engage in activities that will continually challenge you like square dancing, you can not only prevent the mental and physical decline associated with aging but also slow down the effects of aging in your brain.
Square dancing is a social dance form with English, French, and Scottish-Irish roots. It is a dance for four couples arranged in a square with one couple on each side facing the middle of the square. Square dancing is also know as Modern Western Square Dance, Folk Dance, Barn Dance, Scottish Country Dance, and Irish Set Dance.